Competition Conditions.

1. Competition Client

The competition client is a private client based in the Bahamas. The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions to whom all queries relating to the competition should be addressed.

2. Eligibility

The competition is open worldwide to all design professionals and students of these disciplines.

No member or employee of the client body, the Evaluation Panel, or any partner, close associate or employee of them is eligible to compete or assist entrants.

3. Competition Format

The competition will follow the open ideas competition format and will be organised in the following phases:


Phase 1 — Part One

Submission of concept design ideas assessed anonymously.


Phase 1 — Part Two

A longlist of up to 10 concepts selected for each category, the authors revealed and invited to pitch their idea to the Evaluation Panel at a brief interview.


Phase 2

A shortlist (approx. 5) for each category will be selected following these interviews and the entrants invited to refine their ideas following feedback. The shortlisted designers will be invited to present their refined concepts to the Evaluation Panel.

4. How to Register and Enter

You may only submit an entry to the competition if you are officially registered through RIBA Competitions and in possession of a Unique Registration Number (URN). The competition is subject to a non-refundable registration and administration fee of £28 per category and entry. Upon payment of the registration fee all entrants agree to abide by the Privacy Agreement set out in Section 5 below.

Within two working days, you will be issued with your Unique Registration Number (URN), Declaration of Authorship Form, a pack of additional information and a secure link to upload your entry by the submission deadline.

Please note if you wish to enter more than one category you will need to register separately for each one and use the correct associated URN when uploading your submission/s.

Register closed 25 October 2022

5. Privacy Notice

By registering for this competition, the entrant recognizes and acknowledges that they will have access to certain highly sensitive, special and/or unique information that is confidential or proprietary for the business and operation of the Client. The entrant hereby agrees to keep and hold in the strictest confidence any information that is identified or that would be understood by the parties exercising reasonable business judgment, to be Confidential Information or any data that is/was derived or gained from its services and shall not disclose, publish or use directly or indirectly for any purpose (other than the purpose expressly set forth in this Contract). The entrant will use the Confidential Information solely for the purpose set forth herein and shall not disclose, publish or use directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the purpose of the competition.

“Confidential Information” means any data or information, whether expressly communicated as Confidential Information or not, with respect to the business, operations, marketing, customer database, promotional material, website development plans, ownership structure, beneficial ownership, financial status, or other non-public information (current or past) of the Client, which has been developed or acquired by the Client. Confidential Information will not include any information which is or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of disclosure by the entrant in breach of the Contract. The entrant acknowledges that all Confidential Information and information that is derived or gained from its services are and shall be the sole, exclusive and valuable property of the Client, and that entrant has no and shall not acquire any right, title or interest therein. Any and all printed, typed, written or other material which entrant may have or obtain with respect to Confidential Information (including without limitation all copyrights therein) shall be and remain the exclusive property of the Client, and any and all material (including any copies) shall, upon written request be promptly delivered entrant to the Client.

6. Declaration of Authorship & Acceptance of Competition Regulations

The declaration form acknowledges authorship of the design ideas, and by signing it, entrants agree to abide by the competition conditions and the decision of the Evaluation Panel as final. The completed declaration form should be uploaded to the digital entry system along with the design submission.

Please note the team members stated on the declaration form will be used as the credits in all promotional activity so please ensure this is reflected accurately.

7. Evaluation Panel

The Evaluation Panel (which may be subject to change) is expected to comprise a number of client representatives plus Kirsten Lees, Partner, Grimshaw acting as the RIBA Competition Architect Adviser.

In the event of an Evaluation Panel member being unable to continue to act through illness or any other cause, the client, in consultation with the RIBA, reserves the right to appoint an alternative Panel member.

8. Competition Timetable

The anticipated programme, which may be subject to variation, is as follows:

  Phase 1 – Part One

Deadline for entrants to raise questions 04 October 2022
Response to questions issued by 11 October 2022
Deadline for registration 25 October 2022
Deadline for Phase 1 Designs By midday (BST) on 27 October 2022
Evaluation session of Phase 1 Designs and selection of longlist w/c 31 October 2022

  Phase 1 – Part Two

Interviews with longlisted entrants w/c 14 November 2022
Notify shortlist and unsuccessful entrants w/c 21 November 2022

  Phase 2

Feedback issued to shortlisted teams and any additional briefing information issued w/c 21 November 2022
Final Interviews/Presentations w/c 12 December 2022
Notification and result announced End December 2022

9. Questions

Questions relating to the competition brief and conditions must be submitted to RIBA Competitions at before 4pm BST on Tuesday 04 October 2022. A statement in response to all questions raised will be emailed to registered entrants by Tuesday 11 October 2022.

10. Anonymity

All Phase 1 submissions will be evaluated anonymously, via use of the Unique Registration Number (URN) issued at the time of registration. The URN should be prominently displayed on each of the design submission sheets in the top right-hand corner, report and declaration form. Please refer to the section How to Register to obtain a URN.

Any submission that has identifying marks (including logos, text, insignia, or images that could be used to identify the submission’s authors) will be automatically disqualified.

11. Disqualification

Submissions shall be excluded from the Competition:

  • If an Entrant shall disclose his or her identity, or improperly attempt to influence the decision;
  • If received after the latest time stated under Phase 1 Submission Method;
  • If, in the opinion of the Evaluation Panel, it does not fulfil the requirements of the Competition Brief;
  • If any of the mandatory requirements of the Competition Brief and Conditions are disregarded.

12. Phase 1 Submission Requirements

There are five elements to the design submission, each of which should bear the Unique Registration Number (URN) only. Entrants should refer to the Anonymity requirements and submit the following material digitally:


A completed declaration form — PDF

which should bear the URN in the dedicated section on the form. Please note the team members stated on the declaration form will be used as the credits in all promotional activity so please ensure this is reflected accurately.


A maximum of 2 x landscape sheets — equivalent to A3 in PDF format only

The layout of the sheet/s are left up to entrants’ discretion however please demonstrate clearly the main characteristics of the scheme stating clearly which category as a heading.

The proposals should be presented in a clear and succinct manner to enable Evaluation Panel members to readily understand the essence and design drivers behind the scheme.

Please note that the submissions may be viewed on a tablet, laptop or large screen and may also be printed out at A3 for the purposes of assessment, so this should be taken into consideration when putting together the submission.

The URN should be prominently displayed on the front face of each design sheet in the top right-hand corner, together with the order in which the sheets should be viewed (1 of 2 etc).

Physical architectural models will not be accepted as part of the Phase 1 submission. However images of models used to develop the design proposal may be included on the design sheet(s).


A written design statement — maximum 500 words

in support of the submission.


A sustainability strategy — maximum 250 words

for your concept.


One visual image — Low resolution JPG

In addition, to the pdf of the design sheets, one visual image of the design concept should be provided for publicity purposes. The image should be representative of the ideas proposed and be readily identifiable as such.

The image should be submitted in JPG format, in a low resolution (72ppi) with an image width of at least 1000px.

The file names should consist of the URN, item number & description for example:

  • URN#_1_DecForm.PDF
  • URN#_2_Sheets.PDF
  • URN#_3_Statement.PDF
  • URN#_4_Strategy.PDF
  • URN#_5_Image.JPG

12.A. Phase 1 Submission Method

Each phase 1 design submission should be uploaded to the RIBA Competitions digital entry system before 12.00 midday (BST) Thursday 27 October 2022. Further details and a unique secure link will be issued to registered entrants.

Please note that the total upload should not exceed 20MB.

Late entries will not be accepted and the digital entry system will not permit uploads after the deadline. The digital entry system will allow you to amend or delete the information you upload until the stipulated deadline date and time. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the system and to allow adequate time for your submission material to successfully upload.

Entries must be submitted in English.

12.B. Phase 1 – Part Two:

A longlist of up to 10 concepts will be selected for each category, the authors revealed and invited to pitch their idea to the Evaluation Panel at a brief interview. Further details will be issued to the longlisted entrants in due course.

12.C. Phase 2

A shortlist for each category will be selected following these interviews and the entrants invited to refine their ideas following feedback. The shortlisted designers will be invited to present their refined concepts to the Evaluation Panel.

13. Evaluation Criteria

Phase 1:

  • Overall quality of the design demonstrating an innovative and sustainable approach to the challenge
  • Response to the brief
  • Sustainability strategy for the selected concept
  • Creativity and Innovation

Interview Phase:

  • Strength of the design proposal
  • Outline design intent
  • Clear communication and understanding of client’s aspirations

Phase 2:

  • Development of design principles and response to feedback
  • Response to site and viability of the design ideas
  • Clear presentation and communication of ideas to explain the ethos behind the proposals

14. Notification of Result / Publicity

The competition results will be published after all entrants have been notified. Please note that any requests for feedback should be submitted to RIBA Competitions within one calendar month of a shortlist, or a result being announced.

Entrants must not release their designs for publication to any 3rd parties until permission has been granted from the RIBA. Entrants should note that by entering the competition they are expected to honour the request for confidentiality to prevent information of the shortlist or the winning team being leaked to the Press before any official announcement is made.

The RIBA reserve the right to publicise the competition, any design submission, and the result in any promotional activity, including all social media channels, they consider fit. Illustrations of any design - either separately, or together with other designs, with or without explanatory text - may be used without cost. Once anonymity has been lifted, authors will be credited and recognised in all associated media and publicity. This information will be taken from the declaration form so please ensure the details are accurate.

15. Prize Money

A prize fund of £50,000 has been reserved. The overall competition winner will be awarded £25k and the remaining £25k will be distributed amongst other category winners as agreed by the Evaluation Panel.

16. Copyright

The Client warrants that the work of all entrants is original, fully cleared for submission and that the copyright in the works rests with the author of the submitted design.

17. Post competition

The competition is a call for ideas only and there is no commitment to develop the winning scheme/s post competition. The outcome of this competition will provide a guide for the future use of the island.

The role of RIBA Competitions is limited to the administration and management of the competition process. The RIBA will have no further role once the winner has been selected and entrants notified.

18. Enquiries

The competition is being managed and administered by RIBA Competitions on behalf of the client.

All enquiries relating to the competition should be directed to:

RIBA Competitions
+44(0)20 7307 5355

Members of the evaluation panel, client representatives or the RIBA Adviser should not be contacted for information as this may lead to disqualification from the competition.