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Category B

Marina Concept


Jestico + Whiles + Associates Ltd.

London, UK

Our Marina Category proposal contains the building that will be the epicentre of the island resort, the organic foundation from which the reef will grow.

Programmatically, it serves a number of functions - most significantly it is where guests will arrive at the resort.

We propose that the existing dock is remodelled to accommodate larger ferries from Nassau, and a new marina that allows mooring for vessels visiting the island, embedding itself into the yachting community.

The proposed marina building is to be the second highest structure on the island and will become a sympathetic navigational landmark for passing sailors and tourists. When on the island, it will also be an effective way of orientating oneself, channelling guests to the various areas.



Cairo, Egypt

The design is derived from the current circumstances occurring in the Bahamas. The island is facing crucial climatic issues; frequent hurricanes, strong winds, flooding due to sea level rises. That’s why sustaining the island and encouraging its growth/expansion, while adapting and integrating with the natural elements in the context was crucial to the design. The main approach was adding land to the island rather than take from it. The platforms use an inverted-box system where low-density materials are used to create an upward lifting force that can withstand the activities on top.