Open Ideas Competition.

Design professionals and students of these disciplines worldwide are invited to take part in a competition which seeks ideas for the future development of a private Island in The Bahamas.

About the Private Island.

The small island in the Bahamas lies 5 kilometres (3 miles) east of Paradise Island, which is directly off New Providence Island. The island has no formal residential infrastructure and no roads. The site to be developed is a total of 107 acres (approx. 433k sqm).

The largest mass of the island is made up of a shallow inland lagoon in the centre of the island. The highest elevation on the island is 16 m (52 ft). The island has a thin peninsula which juts out 11 km (7 mi) east. The island was home to a pineapple plantation centuries ago.

The client has recently purchased the island and is seeking to create a ‘Bahamian Chic’ destination offering sophisticated fun that will attract today's most exciting groups of travellers, yachting community and local Bahamian residents.

Intrinsic to the creation of this destination will be the development of a robust sustainability strategy. The ultimate development will need to be aesthetically pleasing and completely functional whilst at the same time demonstrating fundamental care for the immediate environment preserving the surrounding natural beauty of the island.

  • Location

    Atlantic Ocean

  • Time zone

    EST (UTC-5)

  • Administration


Competition Format.

The competition will follow the open ideas competition format and will be organised in the following phases:

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Phase 1 — Part One

Submission of concept design ideas assessed anonymously.


Phase 1 — Part Two

A longlist of up to 10 concepts selected for each category, the authors revealed and invited to pitch their idea to the Evaluation Panel at a brief interview.


Phase 2

A shortlist (approx. 5) for each category will be selected following these interviews and the entrants invited to refine their ideas following feedback. The shortlisted designers will be invited to present their refined concepts to the Evaluation Panel.


The anticipated programme, which may be subject to variation, is as follows:

Activity Date
Deadline for questions 04 October 2022
Deadline for registration 25 October 2022
Phase 1 Deadline 12:00 (BST) 27 October 2022

Full timetable

Design Categories.

Entrants have the opportunity to focus on one or more of the following categories which have been identified as the key areas for development on the island:

  • Category A
    Beach Club Concept – including restaurant, bar and cabana design

  • Category B
    Marina Concept – including reception – meet and greet area, watersports, yoga/spa/fitness etc.

  • Category C
    Accommodation Concept – Bookable Accommodation

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