Network Rail’s Built Environment Vision

and Principles of Good Design

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Network Rail’s built environment vision is to deliver and maintain world class rail assets that provide the heartbeat for the nation’s transport system.

Network Rail’s vision applies across the built environment and is guided by their responsibility to deliver, through good design, a safe and reliable railway for the millions of people who use it daily. Network Rail want their assets to be sustainable and their vision is to enable them to deliver outstanding value for taxpayers and customers. The impact of the transport network on the environment is at the heart of Network Rail’s thinking and design approach to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

The travel experience of rail users is essential to Network Rail. Every day, millions of people travel by rail. Their daily lives and experiences are shaped by these journeys: from the stations people arrive at or depart from and the trains they travel on, to the connecting spaces people pass through, and the mobile apps navigating these connections. Rail enables connections between and the integration of people within society. It supports the economy and livelihoods of local communities across the UK.

Network Rail’s Principles of Good Design help in delivering these national objectives and guiding its ambitions, culture and projects. The principles promote a consistent standard of high-quality design across Network Rail’s assets and operations, focussed on putting passengers first.

  • The principles are:

    • Identity
    • Passengers
    • Community focused
    • Collaborative
    • Inclusive
    • Connected
    • Contextual
    • Enhancing Heritage
    • Innovative
    • Environment