Registration, supporting information

and communication

South East Arrow

Competitors may only submit an entry to the Design Competition if they are officially registered through RIBA Competitions and in possession of a Unique Registration Number [NR#].

Please refer to Section 10a (Eligibility) prior to completing the online registration process. The Competition is subject to a non‐refundable registration and administration fee of £55.00 (+VAT) for design professional practitioners (or teams including such an individual), and £27.50 (+VAT) for students (or recent graduates) submitting an entry. Each submitted entry must bear a separate Unique Registration Number as issued by RIBA Competitions on registration.

Once the online payment has been processed, registered applicants will be provided with access to:

  • Editable version of Declaration of Authorship form
  • The Unique Registration Number [NR#] to be used on each element of the submission to maintain anonymity
  • PDF copies of Design Competition Brief and Timepiece historical narrative
  • High resolution PDF and DWG format versions of the Technical parameter summary drawing

Online registrations will close at 17.00hrs [BST] on Thursday 08 June 2023.

Communication and use of RIBA Competitions’ digital portal system


All future correspondence, including Clarification Memoranda and a unique link to RIBA Competitions’ digital submission portal [RIBA Submit] will be sent to the e‐mail address (designated single point of contact) entered at the time of the on-line registration.

Candidate’s designated single point of contact will receive an e-mail notification from when new material is available to download from RIBASubmit. It is each Candidate’s responsibility to check regularly for all such notifications, including any quarantined mail folders.

The RIBASubmit portal will also be used for receipt and submission of the Competition deliverables, with a unique link for this purpose e-mailed to Candidates’ designated contacts from For further information regarding anonymity, submission requirements and the deadline for receipt of Phase 1 entries please refer to Section 10.

Candidate’s Single Point of Contact

Each Candidate is required to declare and maintain a single and continuous point of contact in their organisation for throughout the duration of the Design Competition. Each Candidate is responsible for ensuring that RIBA Competitions are made aware of any changes to the single point of contact details (via e-mail to as soon as they become known.

RIBA Competitions shall not be responsible for contacting Candidates through any route other than via e-mail to the nominated contact and/or from the RIBASubmit system.