Harper Perry

The winning design features a strategy for holding flood waters and allowing it to be release slowly with a landscape strategy including promenade, sunken ballcourts, amphitheatres and play parks all framed by characterful townhouses and apartment buildings in a diverse residential neighbourhood.

This fascinating competition is just the latest chance for Hull to again show we are nothing short of a world leader in water resilience. Humber Quays West and Hull Arena are two of the city's most prestigious redevelopment opportunities. This winning design shows how forward-thinking this city will be when developing sites such as this, with water in mind. Hull has the second-highest number of properties at flood risk in the UK outside of London, with 98 per cent of the city at ‘high risk’ of flooding. Councillor Daren Hale, portfolio holder for planning, land and property

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Hull is a city built around water, which has over the years brought a fantastic amount of opportunity to the city, but it also brings challenges. Hull City Council is committed to ensuring future development provides well-designed homes in attractive and sustainable neighbourhoods. We leading the way nationally in terms of flood and surface water management. After securing more than £200m of investment into the city's flood and drainage infrastructure, we are providing a clear path for how new development will be designed in the city. Councillor Mike Thompson, portfolio holder for neighbourhoods, communities and environment

Once the site has been utilised by the Highways England contractor for the A63 contract, it will be available for development. The architects have presented an exciting and sustainable scheme to bring the riverside to life in a memorable and distinct style. Charlie Spencer, landowner for the Humber Quays West site