To-Morrow 2.0


This web page features the A1 sheets and representative publicity images submitted to the second phase of the design ideas competition by the winning team.

winning concept masterplan design

EcoResponsive Environments

with Peter Neal Landscape Consultant, Studio 4215, Transform Places, Carbon Dynamic, Biomatrix Water, Holistic City Ltd., BNP Paribas Real Estate.


The Adjudication Panel was impressed by the enthusiasm, clarity and breadth of thinking that EcoResponsive Environments had applied in understanding the key issues to get beneath the skin of the development project.


The team brought this together into a scheme which whilst clearly rooted in the past, was not stuck in the past, and represented more than the collective sum of its parts. A robust framework had been created that showed an innovative approach to systems thinking, technology and the social structure of place. The team demonstrated a particularly strong understanding of resource efficient design which built on team members' experience of living and delivering projects in less developed parts of the world.


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